Isabel Wilton

Isabel Wilton started her judging career in 1972 by being awarded the Interflora Judges Diploma.

Isabel has continued to judge on a regular basis for many different organisations at Regional, National and International levels.

Isabel has a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout the flower industry. She opened her own shop in December 1969 which she continues to run. She has been a very successful competitor enabling her to understand and appreciate what it feels like to be a competitor.

Teaching has also played an important role in her career. She has been a Floristry Tutor at three different Colleges and continues to enjoy the opportunity to pass on her knowledge.

Isabel was awarded the Judges Certificate from the European Federation of Professional Florists Associations (now known as FLORINT) in 2008. She is one of the founder members of the U.K. Floristry Judges Guild, recently formed to ensure the continued professionalism and integrity of trained judges.

Isabel has, without doubt, great enthusiasm for Floristry Competitions, recognizing the value to the industry that they provide in the form of creative development and enhancing technical ability.