Q&A for Competitions

For large competitions there is always a specific timeframe to ask any questions you have about the schedule. Here is where you will find the official published answers to all questions which have been asked. You will not recieve a reply to your email so check here after the closing date for questions. All answers remain on this page so that you may view them at any time. If you have a question about a schedule/competition then please email q@floristryjudgesguild.co.uk 

Interflora Florist of the Year Final 2022

Q. Table for two (schedule 2) - Will branches (i.e. Birch, Cornus etc) be allowed as part of the structure which can be brought pre-prepared? 

A. Please see section 3.9 of the competition guide.  It does say ‘Structures and props can be made from any materials other than fresh horticultural materials’ – however twigs and branches will not be classed as fresh materials for the purposes of this competition.


Q. Table for two (schedule 2) - Do we need to supply stools or chairs for the table? 

A. Please see schedule 2.  This has deliberately been left open for the competitor to decide whether to include a type of seating with their design.


Q. Hand-tied (Schedule 3) - Can the tied design have more than one tie point? 

A. Please refer to The professional Florists’ Manual chapter 9.


Q. Hand-tied (schedule 3) - Can we bring the tied design framework already made? I can’t find this information anywhere in the schedule

A. Please see section 3.9 of the competition guide.  The last few paragraphs relate to pre-prepared structures/frameworks.  No specific preparation time has been allocated for schedule 3 at the event.  


Q. Hand tied (schedule 3) - is partial construction of a framework allowed for tied design, as it is unclear in the schedule details and competition guide.

A. Please see section 3.9 of the competition guide.  The last few paragraphs relate to pre-prepared structures/frameworks.  No specific preparation time has been allocated for schedule 3 at the event. 


Interflora Florist of the Year Semi-Final 2022

Q&A between 19th March 2022 and 2nd April 2022


Q: Can we protect the flooring of the booth whilst working.

A: Yes, please bring with you any appropriate protective cover.


Q. I have a question re handtied - Are we aloud to bring decorative items i.e., wires to use on the handtied? I know we are not aloud anything like this in our tool box? 

A: Please refer to the competition guide and schedule. Only the surprise item has stipulation of what is allowed and not allowed in the toolbox.


Q. With reference to Task 1- per -made piece. Can alternative fixing techniques be included in the construction of the wired design?

A: Please note the schedule states technique: Wiring.


Q. I noticed no wire cutters and no pliers on the toolbox list. Is this something that could be considered possibly?

A: Please note Page 11 no. 3.15 toolbox list specifically for the Surprise Item - includes wire cutters.


Q. The internet call kept breaking up for me, I heard a mention of conditioning and I think I heard someone ask but just want to double check. When we bring our flowers for the hand tie, do we bring them out of packaging and fully conditioned or do we bring them how they are brought and condition them in prep time?

A: Please note page 9 no. 3.9 - pre-Conditioning is allowed.


Q. In the handbook it says about 1/3 of the piece can be made in the prep am I right in saying thats the structure? Or part of a structure?

A: Please note Page 9 no 3.9 preparation states your guidelines.


Q. Can hand-tied bouquet have more than one tie point?

A: Please refer to the schedule under Technique.


Q. When is prep time allocated for assistances as I can’t find details in schedule?

A: Page 8 no. 3.7 preparation. Assistants will be allowed in the set-up time 8.00 am – 9:30 am see Page 9 no 3.9.


Q. Can there be an element of gluing in the wired bridal design.

A: Please refer to the schedule under Technique.


Q. Is gluing allowed in Schedule 1.

A: Gluing will not be permitted.


Q. Can we bring pre-prepared elements of the second task?

A: Please refer to the schedule under Material.  Plus refer to: Page 9 no 3.9


Photographic Competitions 

Helpful advice for competitors to ensure your entry has the best possible marks that can be achieved.

Following the incredible success of our first Floristry and Floral design photographic competition, the UKFJG have put together some useful tips to assist competitors when entering future competitions.  Some of this is geared specifically to our Spring Theme “Bridal Design” but other suggestions will be useful for any future photographic competition that you might enter.

Before entering a Floristry Photographic competition, it is a really good idea to take a look a the video on this website https://www.britishfloristassociation.org/floristry-skills/ giving expert guidance on how to take the best possible photographs for your entry.

If you enter an online competition, make sure you remember to send in your entry for the deadline date and time.

Read the instructions more than once. If the terms and conditions state that different angles of the design must be photographed, ensure that you follow those guidelines.

When designing your piece of work, think about how the judges will understand what you have made.  If it is not apparent how the design is to be held/worn, this could cost you marks.

When you have made your design, remember, the back/underside of the design must be perfectly neat.  Ensure any handles are covered with a non-abrasive material for ease of handling.

The flower content must come down to the tie point on bridal or hand tied bouquets so that no large amount of stem is seen above the tie point.

The profile of a design is as important as the front view.

Ensure there are no wires or twigs protruding from the design that will cause damage to clothing or a person.

Designs are viewed from underneath as well as the top, so the underside should be flowered.

Visual balance is important and taking a photograph before the finished image will show any design faults.

All materials must be pristine and excellent quality.

Adhere to the rules particularly when it states 2/3rd must be FRESH flowers or plant material.

The image below is a helpful hint of what is required from a submitted image for this type of competition. 


Interflora Florist of the Year 2022

Organised by Interflora 

  1. Q. Are you counting just foliage or vines, twigs, bark, bracts and berries?

A. For the purposes of this schedule, foliage may include berries, vines, twigs, bracts, bark.

  1. Q. Schedule Nr1. Tied design. I have question about one type of flower. For example if there will be dahlia it means I can choose few kinds of foliage and only dahlias, colours can be some.

A. The schedule states "Predominantly foliage design with one flower type"

  1. Q. Schedule N2. Body Adornment. As I good understand I can do corsage, necklace or something on a head. Last year was wrist corsage. Technique was wiring not gluing. When I had event with judges they said it must be the same. This year technique is free it means I can use and glue.

A. Please refer to the Professional Florist Manual. The technique is free, so the competitor can choose what technique to use.

  1. Q. I am wondering if nuts, such as eucalyptus gum nuts in particular can be included as foliage?

A. For the purposes of this schedule, foliage may include berries, vines, twigs, bracts, bark.
Definition of a nut is: a fruit with a hard shell. If the nut is left intact i.e. not shelled, they may be used.
Definition of Berry: A small fruit that grows on a bush

  1. Q. Is my entry valid without payment?

A. No, your entry is only valid if an entry form has been completed AND full payment made.

  1. Q. “Create a body adornment to be worn. The Body Adornment MUST be displayed as worn, on a neutral colour mannequin or body [no head shot]” If I have made the flower crown, how I can show it without “head shot”?

A. No "head shot means no human head must be in the image. It must be either a mannequin body or mannequin head.

  1. Q. Do I need to add the reference number on the pictures? Can I make it in photo editor?

A. The reference number must be used as the title of your email when sending images. Do not include your name.

  1. Q. Am I allowed to post my works online on my Instagram page before the end of the competition?

A. No images can be shared or used until the results of the competition in February.

  1. Q. What is meant by the word 'type', as used in schedule 1? Is this refence to materials within the same genus or is it one specific variety/cultivar?

A. The flower type used is of the same cultivar/ variety.

  1. Q. Must all images be of the completed design? In particular, schedule 3 requires an image showing the mechanics of the design construction, but all images must also be of the entire design. If the mechanics will not be visible when the design is completed, would an image of the design either partially completed or without fresh materials be acceptable for the purposes of showing mechanics?

A. As the schedule states.

    11.  Q. Can you do a shoulder brooch for the body adornment?

           A. Yes, a shoulder brooch is classed as a body adornment.

    12.  Q. Does the tied Design have to be tied like a hand tied or can you make a frame and glue as long as it is able to be held?

           A. The schedule asks for a tied design.  There are no restrictions on design style and technique.

    13.  Q. Can you use plant foliage in the foliage hand tied?

           A. Please refer to the definition of foliage in the Oxford or Cambridge English dictionary


The British Florist of the Year 2019 - Gardners World  June 13th 14th 2019

Organised by the Institute of Professional Florists

  1. Q. Can litchen (grey or gold) which is alive (not dried), be added to ‘supports’ (framework/construction/bases) either on or off branches? (I’m afraid it may be considered as leaves, fruits, berries, flowers would be.)

A. Not before preparation time.

  1. Q. Am I allowed to add pussy willow buds (that have been removed from the branch) on a re-constructed support framework/construction/base? (are they considered as a seed?)

A. In preparation time only

  1. Q. Is it anticipated that we will unload all materials for both days on Thursday 13th June 08.30 – 9.00? re; 3.4 timetable - there is no mention of unloading in 3.4 on Friday. However, 2.2 delivery of materials “vehicle unloading is between 8.30 – 9.00 on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th June” re: 1.9 “you will have access from 7am on Friday 14th June” although I presume that is us in person and not for vehicle or unloading purposes?

A. The unloading time was added by GW and does not relate to the competitors. Due to restrictions by the NEC, all unloading must be done on Thursday morning for both competition days.

  1. Q.Is there a storage area? Re 3.4 timetable Thursday 13th 11 – 11.15 clear and tidy – where should we take bucket/bins etc to? similarly Friday 11.00 – 11.15 & 15.00 – 15.15 clear and tidy.

A. Yes but it is very limited and may not be secure in the evening.

  1. Q. 2.3 Competitors are required to leave the designs to the end of the show as stated in 1.9 as Sunday 16th June. 2.3: All materials which has not been removed from the venue before 7.30pm Friday 14th June will be demolished.

A. The organisers require you to take away all the items on Friday night with exception of the surprise piece.

  1. Q. Could we know the size of the table? Will we be able to store items below it? Will the front of it be covered, or can we cover the front of it?

A. the preparation/working tables are provided by the GW team. We have asked for 90 cm height, 100cm length and 60 cm width. we will not know what they look like till we get to the show.

  1. Q Can we use bullion wire/decorative wire in pre-made design and task 2 and 3?

A. In schedule 1, yes

  1. Q. Can the top of the tree be wider than the 100cm base?

A. Yes there is no restriction.

  1. Q. Do I understand that we can’t bring any items prepared, and must use preparation time to make structures etc for bridal design and planter?

A. See preparation paragraph in Aide Memoire.

  1. Q. Can our container for planted design be premade.

A.  If a task description allows the making of frameworks, constructions, bases etc. for support of the floral arrangements, this also includes the fixing of floral foam and/or tubes (a small and narrow container of glass or synthetic material like a test-tube) with water on these supports. For these supports, it is in general not allowed to use any alive* floral material (requiring or not requiring life support) except cut branches* and seeds*. Branches must not bear leaves, fruits, berries, flowers.

  1. Q. Can flowers and plants be left on show ground on Thursday night or can we only unload materials for each day's tasks.

A. All unloading must be done on Thursday morning for both days.

  1. Q. The floral tree base 100cms does the upper part of the tree have any size regulations width wise?

A. There is no restriction on the upper part

  1. Q. What prep work can be done for items 2 and 3.

A. See preparation paragraphs in Aide Memoire

  1. .Q. Can frames and bases be made prior for the bridal and herb garden.

A. See preparation paragraphs in Aide Memoire.

  1. Q. Do we supply our own table for displaying of the herb garden.

A. You may supply your own table but it will not be judged. Tables provided by organisers will be available.

  1. Q. Thinking of logistics for the Thursday, will we need passes for the exhibitor’s car park or unloading? Is there a map available of where we will need to park?

A. We are in the Floral Marquee highlighted in red as Hall 16. You will need to ring me on entry so I can meet you with passes and exhibitor parking passes. 07966 849470. Exhibitor parking is normally in N11 and 12. 

  1. Q. (1.9) opening times say from 7am Friday but then (2.2) says 8.30-   9am Thursday OR Friday. There is no unloading time listed on Friday’s schedule. Please clarify

A. Due to restrictions by the NEC, all unloading must be done on Thursday morning for both competition days.

  1. Q. (2.4) assistants ‘not allowed to do any preparation work or any other work related to the competition but (2.7) says ‘competitor and his/ her assistant may prepare and condition the flower. Please clarify

A. Your assistant will be allowed to help during preparation time.

  1. Q. (2.7) Prep time. The schedule lists ‘see aide memoire’ for details but )2.7 says that ‘each task will have its own detailed description’ and if task description allows making frameworks/ construction, bases etc’.

A. Each schedule does not have a detailed description of the preparation. See preparation paragraph for details.

  1. Q. Will there be any staging time for task 1 other than the unloading time?

A. Yes-  please see new timetable.

  1. Q. Is there a width maximum for task one other than the base?

A. There is no restriction.

Q&A RHS Chelsea 2019 - from 1st - 12th April 2019

Dear Competitors.  Q&A for Chelsea 2019 is now CLOSED.  Here are the questions and answers for your information:-

  1. Q. Could you clarify that a head/block/wig and maybe fabric may be used to display/support the floral crown and placed on top of the plinth?

A. Yes, you may use these items please refer to page 9 - Staging on the Schedule 2nd and 7th sentence.

  1. Q. Will the stand/prop used to display the crown (on top of the plinth provided) be judged as part of the overall design or is it completely excluded from the judging?

A. Only the crown is judged, please refer to schedule

  1. Q. Do the majority of the flowers need to be in a water source or could the majority be, for example, wired?

A. Please read the schedule in ’display material requirement’s, 2nd sentence -

A predominant amount of cut stems of all living plant material should be in water, or water retaining materials, or their stems sealed for longevity.’

  1. Q. In the schedule it states minimal dissection to be used. How far does this extend.? Is simply removing petals from a flower for reuse in a pattern? Does this include feathering? Or would it extend to the removal of small flower heads from transitional material.? 

A. Please research the word dissection and the word minimal.

  1. Q. Is the main technique for creating the crown wiring? Gluing and other technique can be used but just in minimum? Do I understand the proposition right?

A. Please read the schedule ‘Competitors may include wiring, minimal gluing or other modern floristry techniques. The use of glue or glued materials should be kept to a minimum.

Please research the word minimal.

  1. Q. Can we bring ready arrangement or is some minimum work required on a place? 

A. Competitor’s choice

  1. Q. Is there a height restriction for the crown?

A. No height restriction

  1. Q. Is it expected that at least some stems of all materials used will be directly in water, even those that don’t require water to survive? (E.g. succulents.)

A. Please read the schedule in ’display material requirement’s, 2nd sentence -

A predominant amount of cut stems of all living plant material should be in water, or water retaining materials, or their stems sealed for longevity.’

  1. Q. I have made the crown to fit my mannequin head which is the same size as my head, as I need to try the crown on as I work, for visual and actual balance. I am concerned that my head size may be different

(smaller) than the judges who will be trying it on. Will this be an issue?

A. Consideration will be made for different head sizes when judging takes place.

  1. Q. Is it acceptable to glue my exhibit prop or stand, as I guess this will not be judged?

A 10. Only the crown is judged, please refer to schedule.

The Guild would like to offer very best wishes for every entry and hope you enjoy your remarkable opportunity.