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UD 04/05/2023


Regardless of what floristry competition a competitor enters, the following principles of evaluation will be used by Judges from the UK Floristry Judges Guild

  1. To read and interpret the intentions of a schedule, understand the words used  and emotion involved
  2. Enter the competition room with an open mind receptive to all interpretations of the schedule
  3. To appreciate and understand a wide range of floristry and connected subjects and to understand the principles and elements of good design
  4. To judge fairly the elements of idea, colour, composition and technique and the facets within each category
  5. To mark consistently and impartially  between one design and another
  6. To recognise a wide variety of flower and plant material
  7. To assess accurately the quality and condition of the flower and plant material used
  8. To observe accurately, recognising the merits and distinguishing between major faults and minor carelessness in each design
  9. To be decisive and impersonal in judgement
  10. To express any of the above in writing and in speech.  To justify a mark or a decision made confidently and eloquently so that the Judges authority can be respected
  11. To speak in public with confidence, authority, assurance and ease
  12. To use designs from competitions to teach and encourage competitors and florists, helping achieve a higher standard of professional floristry
  13. To help observing (shadow) trainee judges understand the judging process
  14. At all times seeking to enhance the profile of the UK Floristry Judges Guild