Lynda Owen

In a career spanning forty years Lynda Owen has always been at the forefront of floristry. Lynda has been a floristry judge since 1984 and in this time has judged extensively in Great Britain, Ireland and the World.

  • Interflora World Cup Floristry competition in Amsterdam in1998,
  • Eurofleurs, European Young Florist competition in Italy in 2002
  • Russian National Floristry Championship in 2006.

 Lynda has also had the honour of being the manager for British competitors in overseas competitions.   

  • Europa Cup, Spain, 2003.
  • Interflora World Cup, Australia, 2004  
  • Interflora World Cup, Shanghai, 2010.

Lynda is proud to be one of the founder members of the UK Floristry Judges Guild. Lynda is keen to see a recognised standard of floristry judging world wide, where floristry judges are renowned for their knowledge, discernment, integrity and independence.

Floristry competitions are vital for the floristry industry to maintain expertise, quality and to move and push the boundaries of floral design forward. It’s an exciting honour to be a floristry judge and to uphold the standards of excellence in the competition room.