Events in the UK

UKFJG - Judges Study Day                            Saturday 7th March 2020  - TBC 

UKFJG - Annual Judges Dinner                   Saturday  7th March 2020  - TBC

UKFJG - AGM                                                    Sunday  8th March 2020  - TBC


Harrogate Flower Show                              25th - 28th April 2019  -  Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate

BFA Vision Conference                                13th & 14th April 2019 - Marriott Hotel,  Leicester

UK Skills Heat                                                  2nd May 2019  - Bicton College, Budleigh Salterton, Devon

                                                                           18th May 2019 - Capel Manor, Enfield, London

                                                                             6th June 2019 - Moreton Morrell, Warwick

                                                                           11th June 2019 - Sheffield College, Sheffield

                                                                           12th June 2019 - Coleg Cambria

                                                                           20th June 2019 - CAFRE College, Co. Antrim, Northern  Ireland  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Fleurex                                                              FLEUREX  British Florist Assocation        26th October 2019  Fleurex, Jurys Inn Hinckley

                                                                           27th October 2019  Fleurex & College Competition    

The UK Skills Show                                        9th - 13th  April 2019 World Skills UK Team selection   Middlesex University NW4 4B



RHS MIXED PANEL TRAINING DAY 2019     -     London  - date TBC

RHS Chelsea                                                    20th May 2019  RHS Florist of the Year

                                                                            23rd May 2019 RHS Young Florist of the Year

RHS Hampton Court                                        1st - 7th July 2019

RHS Cardiff                                                      12th - 14th Apri 2019

RHS Malvern Spring                                        9th - 12th May 2019

RHS Chatsworth                                               5th - 9th June 2019

RHS Tatton Park                                            17th - 20th July 2019


The British Florist of the Year 2019

Caroline Crabb of Fleurtations,  Launceston

Charlotte Baker of Hubbards Florist, Coventry

Tracey Griffin of Tracey Griffin Flowers, Winchester

Samantha Turner of Oxford

Jo Richards of By Arrangement Florist, Bournemouth. 

Over 2 days these hardworking florists will have to create 4 pieces of work. 

1st a Freestyle Structural floral Tree, to be brought ready made and will be judged by 2 judges from the UK Floristry Judges Guild. 

The 2nd piece, ' Under the Trees' Bridal design will be contructed by the designers in the stage area.

A 3rd schedule, a Planted design with a minimum of three herb plants


Last but not least- the surprise! with no idea what they will have to make, they will have 60 minutes to create their best work as this stage is often the 'make or break' schedule.


Glossary of competition terminology.


Additional items that are not made from plant material e.g. figurine, drape.

Aide Memoire           

Given by some competition organizer’s in the form of a booklet or text that contains all the information about a competition.


Manufactured to replicate real plant material, typically from fabric or plastic.  Not to be used unless specified in the schedule.


Competition steward            

A person responsible for the smooth running of the competition and organizes the competition room.


Constructive verbal or written comments given by a judge after judging.


Excellence that differentiates or sets apart from another.

Dried plant material

Fresh plant material that has been dehydrated to preserve.


One part / aspect of a design or item.  Individual features in the distribution of marks system.


A creation of the imagination  - not reality.


The leaves of a plant or tree (generally the main organ of photosynthesis)


The seed bearing part of a plant.

Fresh flower and plant material

Any living plant or parts cut from living plants e.g. Cut flowers, foliage.


Practical and suitable for the intended use.

Judges code of ethics and criteria

The standards of conduct by which judges abide.

Judging criteria

Standards that are used for judging something or making decision  about something.

Not according to schedule  

When a competition entry does not comply with the rules of the competition.

Open judging                        

Judges walk freely around the competition room whilst the competitors are working.

Penalty points                                  

Points deducted from a competitors score for violation of the rules.

Preserved Materials

Fresh plant material treated to protect and prolong use and slow the decaying process.

Respect of material

Respecting botanical materials natural growth patterns and refraining from the over manipulation and mutilation of materials.


A written instruction for competitors and judges stating the design to be made and the distribution of marks


A seed is an embryonic plant produced by plants in the process of reproduction.  It can be naked or enclosed ie in a fruit, capsule or seed coat.


A mystery task disclosed without notice and made from unseen materials, completed in a given timescale.

Technical committee

The technical committee enforces interpretation of the regulations whenever dissimilarity of view might occur.  The technical committee can take any measures necessary to ensure that these regulations are observed.


A specific floristry design to be made for a competition.

What is a floristry competition

An organised floristry event where competitors show their individual skills to achieve awards.